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BioFeeder® Fertigation Services (BFS) takes the guesswork out of soil care and plant nutrition. Our technicians generate the best program for your specific needs so that you know your exact monthly cost. Now you can better balance your management budget and stay within your water budget. Our team can service all your fertigation needs. Guesswork, gone!


takes care of every stage from setting system requirements to installing your complete, fully operational, professional series BioFeeder® Fertigation System. Ready to use! You are assured of a professional installation, guaranteed by the industry’s leading experts.


includes a tank top-off of Biofeed product, system test, recalibrating of the injection pump (if necessary), and routine maintenance, as required. We ensure peak performance and prevent downtime.


• Improve your ability to meet property and water budgets
• Lessen soil toxicity by neutralizing salts in the soil and water
• Save labor, time and cost through automation
• Make total soil and plant care affordable and automatic!


Save Water!

With the aid of Biofeed products, our clients report they stay well within their allotted water budget. Our clients achieve their goal to provide the best water value for their plants, grass, flowers and trees. Reduce water, meet water budgets!

Neutralize Soil Salts

Biofeed® products contain organic agents which neutralize and combine with harmful salt to make it less toxic. The salt toxicity is reduced as it leaches away from the root zone. The improved soil allows better movement of water throughout the soil profile. Better soil structure reduces water usage while also creating vigorous, more beautiful plants, turf, and trees.

“We have been maintaining the landscapes of more than 40 high-end homes in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona for over 5 years and on every home we install either a BioFeeder S-2 or S-5 unit. Our properties look awesome and our customers know that we use Biofeed products to make them that way! In fact they love the results so much that they remind me to keep their injectors filled with Biofeed!”

Dustin Moss, PresidentA to Z Tree & Turf LLC

Root Length and Root Density

Water is taken into plants through the roots and leaves. An improved soil crumb structure allows for deeper root growth in addition to increased root density. This means the roots have more surface area through which to absorb water. Less water is needed as it becomes easier for the plant to acquire the water it needs.

Affordable and Automatic Soil and Plant Care

Automatic fertigation saves labor. With a small capital investment application of Biofeed® is done each time you irrigate so there is no manual application expense or effort.

Stop Replacing Dead or Dying Plants

Your customers put a lot of planning, cost, and installation into their landscape master plan. One of the biggest expenses after installation is having to replace plant inventory. Both property management and individual clients can protect their investment on trees, plants, flowers and lawns with fertigation services and the right balance of water, nutrients, and soil builders.

Award-Winning Landscapes

Ultimately, your landscape is about looking out the window, driving up, or taking a walk and enjoying the GREEN. Biofeed® managed landscapes win awards. You can WIN the delight of your clients

BioFeeder® E-Series
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BioFeeder® EHO-Series
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Ed Freyermuth
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Get Automatic Soil and Plant Care!