The Biofeed Fertilizing concept comes full circle with our BioFeeder S-Series of automatic liquid fertilizer injector systems. Convenient, rugged and cost-effective, teamed with Biofeed fertilizers these systems are also highly efficient. When applied through your irrigation system, Biofeed liquid- fertilizers percolate down to the root zone faster, making them far more effective than liquid synthetic or granular fertilizers can ever be.

Second, automatic fertigation saves labor. With a small capital investment, fertilizing is done as you irrigate so there’s no manual application expense or hassle.

Third, liquid injection feeds daily. By microfeeding with each irrigation cycle, there’s no plant shock that can happen with irregular chemical applications. And, automatic fertigation is safe, because fertilizing in such small amounts means no worries about overfeeding, burning plants, or having to restrict public access.

Affordable BioFeeder Injection Systems Simply Make Sense

Turnkey systems installation: To make your BioFeeder Automatic Injection System as easy to use as it is effective, we also offer turnkey installation service programs that take care of everything-from the liquid fertilizer storage tank(s), to the flow sensors to the injection controller and pump. We’ll spec the exact system to suit your needs, then install everything required to set you up with a complete, fully operational BioFeeder system that is ready to use. This way, there’s no guesswork. And you’ll be assured of a professional installation, guaranteed by the industry’s leading experts.

Without scientific testing, how can you be sure what the nutrient condition of your soil and plant materials really are, or how to fertilize and feed accordingly?

That’s why our Monthly Replenishment and Maintenance Service includes comprehensive soil analysis. Twice a year, we’ll take samples for laboratory analysis and provide you with a written report of the results. Then we’ll select the proper Biofeed blend and adjust mixture ratios to maintain your healthy landscape in showcase condition.

Biotechnology has at last produced a unique line of biological fertilizers that answer world demand for “green” conscious turf management. Completely non-toxic and environmentally safe, Biofeed fertilizers are specially formulated to condition and activate soils biologically, providing essential plant nutrients in a liquid, organically complex form for long-term feeding and support. Soils rich in organic matter both absorb and retain water more efficiently while buffering and reducing harmful salts and toxins that accumulate
after years of chemical abuse.

Why Chemicals are Bad News as Plant Food

Sadly, turf and landscape management programs today all but ignore the needs of soils, focusing instead on the chemical needs of plants. These regimens force chemically based nutrients to plants, stimulating short-term growth and greening that in reality destroys sensitive soil microbial populations and stresses and weakens plants them to the point where they’re defenseless against disease and less resistant to drought.

This cycle then perpetuates itself as more chemicals are applied, creating an artificial state of growth while damaging the soil even further. After all this, you may as well put your landscape on life support.