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Biofeed Fertilizers on Nectarines

Follow-Up Report and Monitoring the Use of


In February 2017, a nutrition plan is made to study the effects of Biofeed fertilizers on nectarines. The method used was in situ sap analysis, incorporating an efficacy enhancer of nutritive solutions, Biofeed’s ACT (Acti-Cell technology), in a sector of nectarine variety Carmine 6, from a farm in Cieza (Murcia), owned by a company of importance and relevant size in the fruit and vegetable sector. Results are compared to a sector of the same variety nourished professionally with other fertilizers, hereinafter referred to as STD (standard). For this trial, it is decided to elaborate nutritious solutions with simple crystal fertilizers, which are corrected according to the interpretation of the monitoring data.


Provide the most efficient solution, applying precisely just what the crop needs at each moment Agriculture of precision! To do this we will use a novel methodology of monitoring the sap in real time, associated with the efficient Biofeed liquid fertilizers. This type of analysis allows us to make changes in real time based on the values obtained in sap, anticipating the potential deficiencies, contributing those ions that are needed and reducing which are in excess.

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