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Please remember that for all products you should use the amount indicated on the label for your specified area. For best results, spray your soil and foliage.

BioFeeder S-Series Automatic Injector

Plants “eat while they drink.” They absorb nutrients from the soil while they absorb water. Biofeed® Fertilizers help your plants by making locked-up nutrients in the soil solution more available as they take in water. Automatic fertilization through your irrigation system is the easiest and most effective way to feed your entire landscape!

BioFeeder S- Series is available in 5 or 20 gallon top quality Stainless Steel tank sizes to feed a wide range of landscapes from residential or commercial. BioFeeder S-Series is a reliable, easy-to-install lawn and plant feeder that feeds all that you grow! Simply attach the glue-on Snap-“T” connecter and lance downstream from the back-flow prevention device on your irrigation system and fill the BioFeeder once a month with your preferred Biofeed product. Then sit back and enjoy hands-free fertilization and soil care!

Hose-End Sprayer

hose-end sprayerIf you water your lawn manually, then you can still use Biofeed. The hose end sprayer comes on all our Quart sized bottles and can be attached simply and efficiently to your home water hose. The sprayer mixes your Biofeed ® product with water and applies the product to your soil while you water your lawn. To use the hose-end sprayer:

  • Shake the Bottle
  • Attach the sprayer to your garden hose
  • Turn on your water
  • Pull back yellow tab and turn green knob clockwise a quarter turn to begin spraying.

To avoid over-feeding, please check the label of your Biofeed ® Fertilizer before applying.

Siphon mixer

siphon mixerSiphon mixers attach between your hose bib and your hose. The mixer has a siphon tube attached, which you put into a bucket of diluted Biofeed® fertilizer. Once you begin watering your lawn with the hose, your siphon mixer will distribute a 16:1 ratio of water to .
To avoid over-feeding, please check the label of your Biofeed® Fertilizer before applying.

Backpack Sprayer

backpackIf you have a backpack sprayer, you can still use Biofeed® liquid fertilizer on your lawn or turf.
To use the Backpack sprayer:

Fill the sprayer with the appropriate amount of Biofeed® needed for your lawn or turf and dilute with water according to the labeled directions.
Prime the sprayer by pumping the handle 10-15 times prior to use.
Pump the handle once every five seconds to maintain continuous pressure in the backpack tank.
Using a fan spray nozzle point the wand to where you wish to spray and pull the trigger to apply Biofeed® on both the leaves and soil. Spray leaves to the point of run-off.
Try Biofeed and see for yourself what it can do for your landscape!

Call us at 602-BIO-FEED and we’ll help you find a distributor or dealer near you.