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Improving Root-to-Soil Interactions requires available oxygen. Then your roots will grow deeper, stronger, and better benefit your plants.

A plant’s association with the soil is called ‘root-to-soil interaction.’ The root system is vital because it helps the plant receive its nutrition from the soil. Stronger, deeper root systems help plants better develop because the plant is able to pull more minerals from the soil than week, shallow roots. A healthy plant has strong roots, whereas a plant with an insufficient root system will have nutrient deficiency.

Nutrient deficient plants can show stunted growth and yellowed leaves, which in turn reduces photosynthesis. Left untreated, nutrient deficient plants will reduce plant quality and lead to plant loss.

Plants and grass also suffer if there is too much salt in the soil around them. Toxic levels of salt can cause cellular damage and can also lead to plant loss.

Better soil health starts with available oxygen. Just as the human body needs oxygen to live, soil needs oxygen to support plants. Without oxygen, gaseous carbon compounds other than carbon dioxide develop, which can choke the plant. Soil cannot breathe or metabolize nutrients without oxygen and will wither and die without it.

The easiest way to ensure good oxygenation for your plants is to use porous, less dense soil (for example: pumice, lava and bark soils). This can be difficult in your yard, but easy for your potted plants.

In growing your lawn, garden, and trees, it is important to maintain a healthy root-to-soil relationship so that your roots are not poisoned with toxic salt levels or starved with too little nutrients.

Now, there is an easier way to improve the root-to-soil relationship and create a beautiful landscape!

The key is to ensure better soil so you have better roots.

That’s where Soil-Plus® comes in.

Soil-Plus® has been proven by scientific study to increase turf rooting and promote deep green color. Additionally, Soil-Plus® provides the following benefits below ground:

Soil-Plus Jug

Buffers Sodium Toxicity
Chelates soil nutrients to improve root uptake
Enhances nutrient absorption
Oxygenates the root-zone through specialized enzymes
Reduce unwanted anaerobic bacteria in the soil

All of these benefits help the soil and the plant and help you grow more beautiful landscapes.

With Biofeed Soil-Plus®, your plants are sure to get the healthy root system they need to grow deep, healthy roots.