Biofeed professional turf products provide nutrition that has a proven track record of over 30 years through field results and University studies. With the many fertilizer and soil care products available today, it can be difficult to determine the best product or products that, 1) promote the best turf possible, and 2) also help make your job easier! Many turf professionals are turning to Biofeed products for these reasons.
The major reason why Biofeed products deliver results is due to nutrient solubility and availability. All nutrients must be soluble and delivered to the plant either through the leaf or root uptake. This requires the nutrient to be complexed with the proper balance of bio-available compounds that the plant favors. This is what we have achieved with our Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT).
In our production process, we combine or complex a full lineup of nutrient-based products with our ACT, which functions as a whole plant food to maximize absorption and metabolic utilization of the applied nutrients. In the soil, Biofeed products enzymatically release oxygen to support the proliferation of beneficial aerobic soil microbes and maintain a greater resistance to the development of soil borne diseases.

Some sites or conditions may require a combination of Biofeed® products. Consult a Biofeed Account Representative for specialized applications.

Biofeed Company Profile

“My greens have continued to be firmer, faster, and have better root structure since we have been on a complete Biofeed program. My clipping yields on greens are very consistent each and every day, producing great putting surfaces without compromising turf quality. My fairways continue to transition from Ryegrass back to Bermuda grass better every year with less inputs. By using Biofeed’s product line, it helps Grayhawk continue to have great playing surfaces without increasing operational costs.”

Ernie Pock, GCSAA MemberSuperintendent of Grayhawk Golf Club

Foliar Nutrition

BIO-N™ is 100% organic Nitrogen derived from soy protein hydrolysate. Organic Nitrogen is unique because it contains carbon in its molecule. BIO-N is immediately available to plants due to its dynamic structure which resembles all plant life. It is this very structure that makes it the ideal source of nitrogen to plants. Apply BIO-N as a foliar to provide immediate plant response.

CARBOMAX™ improves turf density and quality of cut and play performance on golf greens, tees and fairways, while it supplies primary nutrients commonly lost due to regular mowing and leaching.

GT PRO™ provides a dynamic blend of primary nutrients plus Biofeed® ACT®. These combine to promote efficient cellular function and promotes root growth and strong vertical growth that is essential to managing high quality professional turf.

EXPO™ promotes more vigorous turf recovery by supplying primary nutrients commonly lost due to soil mineral tie-up as well as regular mowing and leaching.

K-PRO™ potassium is complexed with Biofeed® ACT® for enhanced uptake and translocation throughout the entire plant and is beneficial during extremes in temperature and water stress.

Soil & Salt Management

SUPER-C™ is a bio-chemical plant and soil additive that contains a super-concentrate of Biofeed® ACT® including molecular and intracellular components plus nitrogen in a bio-available form.

SURFACT™ is a multi-purpose wetting agent and surfactant formula made with powerful surface active agents and organic acids that work synergistically to enhance irrigation efficiency and soil moisture levels as it buffers salts for maximum performance.

CHETROL™ (key-trol) is a concentrated formulation of ACT® plus added nitrogen that is formulated to control a variety of minerals, salts and heavy metals. This dynamic blend also aids in enhancing bio-degradation of a wide range of organics and complex hydrocarbons.

Secondary & Micro-Nutrients

MICRO-Fe™ contains iron in a liquid solution of Biofeed® ACT® to increase leaf absorption of this important element. This dynamic blend promotes strong plant development, improved antioxidant production, plant enzyme activity and chlorophyll production for deeper green leaf color.

QUICK-6™ provides a rich source of potassium and silica with Biofeed® ACT® for efficient leaf absorption and translocation throughout the plant. These combine to promote strong vertical leaf and stem development that is essential to managing high quality turf. QUICK-6™ improves turf stand and green speed or stimp rating by increasing stem and leaf rigidity.

MICRO-H™ contains a powerful combination of ACT® and micro-nutrients to maximize leaf absorption. These nutrients are required for stronger plant development, improved antioxidant and enzyme activity and chlorophyll production which aids in producing deeper green leaf color.

TRACE™ contains elemental molybdenum and Biofeed® ACT® that combine to support vital biochemical reactions. Once applied to the leaf, TRACE™ rapidly moves throughout the xylem and phloem conductive tissue of the turf plant.

Pond & Lake Management

AQUA PRO™ formula is an extensively tested and proven product used to enzymatically release elemental oxygen which helps to correct a variety of problems associated with pond and lake water management.