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On September 27, 2017, a visit was made to the pear tomato plantation in the greenhouse, where the client told us he had a problem with maturation, since 7 days before our visit a foliar application had been made with REBOUND® at a rate of 0.5L/1000L of (commercial dose), in a plot destined for trials, without achieving any apparent result, being the same one in which the complete test will be carried out. We recommended additional application to enhance the dose.

The Farmer decided to carry out a treatment that traditionally He had used to speed up maturation with Chemical Ripener, besides other products from Biofeed and other proposed areas the technical department of Biofeed Iberica decided to treat with REBOUND® and CHETROL®. The next visit is made to coincide with the day the collection is scheduled in October 5.

Focus and planning:

The Farmer aims to demonstrate the products to see for himself the efficiency of the crop finishing effect of REBOUND® on the crop from Biofeed Iberica. The day of the collection the Farmer will pick 12 tomatoes from each row with the object of doing monitoring of maturation.

The treatments proposed that the Farmer will perform the day of 29 October, through foliar application are as follows:

Treatment conventional rate:

  • Chemical Ripener, dose l cc/L.
  • Veloxtend, dose 3 cc/L, (solution potassium with lysine and ACT, of Biofeed Iberica) .
  • CHETROL®, dose l cc/L, (enhancer of nutrient solutions, of Biofeed).

Treatment with REBOUND® at Higher Rate:

  • REBOUND®, dose 3 cc/L.
  • Veloxtend, dose 3 cc/L, (solution potassium with lysine and ACT, of Biofeed Iberica).
  • CHETROL®, dose l cc/L, (enhancer of nutrient solutions, of Biofeed).

It was determined to treat in the parcel of rehearsal:

At the request of the owner of the test plot, graphic delimitation cannot be carried out by means of a georeferenced map, coma does not provide graphic outputs of it either, so it goes on to describe the chosen area.

The test is carried out on a plot with a total of 42 plum tomato lines, once it has been observed that maturation is homogeneous for the whole plot and the state of the plant is consistent. Similarly, the first 6 rows are chosen for the conventional lowered rate treatment and the last 6 for the Biofeed treatment.

Results obtained:

For the Farmer piece count is to man comma reference the If central neos of each treatment listed, providing the following figures represented in the No. 1 graph.

Treatment conventional
Line 2     53 parts
Line 3     45 parts
Line 4     46 parts
Line  5     56 parts

Treatment Biofeed 

Line 38   66 pieces
Line 39   78 parts
Line 40   72 parts
Line 41   64 parts

Observations :

See how in the Biofeed test lines the number of pieces collected increases considerably, which indicates a higher maturation index, obtaining an average of 50.25 pieces/line in the area treated with chemical ripener and 69 pieces/line in the area treated with REBOUND®.

In addition to this consideration, we can observe in the photographs of the samples collected for the monitoring of maturation, that all the pieces have a more homogeneous maturation in the areas treated with REBOUND®, none of the pieces presenting uneven maturation, which we can see in pieces treated with the chemical ripener, typical of this product.

Follow-up photographs of improved maturation:

The Farmer makes monitoring photographic of the parts selected to the randomly 3 pieces of each test line, neglecting the margins, in total 12 pieces for each treatment, on the right we place the conventional already the left treatment with REBOUND® where the Tomatoes are left over patent the increase of the life shelf and the maturation homogeneous of the fruit.


We can say that REBOUND® is a real alternative and of similar caste, compared to current ripeners and others who have stayed without authorization in the market, whose effectiveness has been tested with this comparative trial, and which REBOUND® also far exceeds the expectations of results expected by the technical team of Biofeed Iberica.

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