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A Peruvian shrimp farm manager near Tumbes Peru had been experiencing severe losses of 30% or more of his shrimp larvae year after year due to poor water quality. This severely reduced his potential profits.


Enrique del Solar in Tumbes, Perú had just purchased $35,000 worth of larvae. He informed his Biofeed representative, “Without your (OXY-POND) product I would lose 30% of the larvae. With your product I lose only about 8%. So you (Biofeed Solutions Inc.) saved me at least $9,000.00.”

Enrique continues to compile production data and expects greater profits based on the good water quality and shrimp health he is observing. We have a happy, very loyal customer who is “spreading the word” in our behalf. Everyone comes to you with every conceivable problem, It is good to hear about a customer who is consistently happy!


OXY-POND is a formulation of concentrated organic water stabilizers and Oxygen Releasing Enzymes specially blended to help buffer pH and protect tender young fish and shrimp hatchlings during the pre-pond hatchery stage. OXY-POND also helps to build disease resistance and hasten earlier maturity. OXY-POND is designed to maintain more balanced biological growth and may be used with probiotics to improve productivity, if desired.


  • Released elemental oxygen and reduced disease-causing bacteria help extremely sensitive shrimp larvae and fish fry by improved water quality.
  • Reduces sludge at the pond bottom which is the common source of anaerobic bioactivity and disease-causing bacteria.
  • Increases oxygen levels, dissolves sludge and improves overall environment to reduce mortality rates.
  • Maintaining adequate oxygen levels is vital to ensuring a healthy grow-out cycle.

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