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Soil Regeneration and Plant Fertility

Soil Regeneration is job one at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. We bring over 35 years of product research and development of non-toxic fertilizer products formulated to condition and build healthier soil, while they supply nutrients in a plant available form. This means that fewer nutrients are wasted with no harmful impact on our environment. We focus on the long-range needs of soils, plants, and our environment with sustainability as our goal. The result is more balanced, natural environment for beneficial ecosystems to flourish.

“A 2020 analysis in the journal Nature Sustainability found that better soil stewardship could reduce emissions by at least 5.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year — about 15 percent of current annual emissions.”

Plants, which generally contain up to 40% carbon, absorb it from the atmosphere through the leaves in the form of CO2. Plants also capture carbon compounds through the roots that release soil microbes responsible for decomposing organic matter. Biofeed® products manage to increase the decomposition capacity of plant matter into carbon-rich compounds (humus), beneficial for nutrient retention and increasing Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

Biofeed® products with ACT®, together with soil nutrients and plant residues, are responsible for decomposing these into their most elemental forms to balance the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the soils and, in turn, favor the activity of beneficial bacteria in the soil so that they can grow and multiply.

The Fertility of a Soil Lies Within Its Living Portion

The fertility of a soil lies within its living portion and the complex biological functions in it that release the necessary nutrients for the roots and plants. Biofeed products work in harmony with nature to support, promote, and stimulate the natural processes that regenerate soil fertility. Fertil soil means fertil plants! And what’s better is that Biofeed products with ACT® remain active in the soil long after application.

Aggregated Soil (Improves Crumb Structure)

Biofeed fertilizers with ACT, namely Soil-Plus®, work to promote polysaccharide production which builds better soil structure and reduces compaction. Our products also contains complex organic compounds which chelate and dissolve insoluble soil minerals.

Softened soil:

  • Improves water infiltration, penetration, and retention
  • Improves the oxygen content of the soil and root-zone
  • Stimulates the growth of aerobic soil microbes
  • Enhances seed germination and deeper root growth

Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT)

Biofeed liquid, enzyme-based fertilizers come to life through our exclusive Acti-Cell Technology® ACT base additive which mimics Nature’s nutrient delivery system. ACT is a powerful proprietary formulation and is what distinguishes Biofeed® fertilizers from all others. ACT is created through proprietary processes of converting exact plant extracts and intracellular components into a concentrate of organic acids, bio-stimulants, enzymes, coenzymes, complexed nutrients, polysaccharides, antioxidants and other beneficial components.

More than 35 years of global studies have proven ACT to greatly enhance soil structure, soil microbial life, soil fertility, soil nutrition, cellular growth, photosynthesis, crop growth, crop yield as well as reducing sodium toxicity and balancing water biology.

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