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Sean Rosenberg

I am the project supervisor for a Scottsdale, Arizona property with 930,000 Sq ft of landscaping. 700,000 of it being lawn. I have 8 fertigation tanks working together and over the recent years I’ve been using more and more a variety of Biofeed products. We have very hard water at this site and now any clogging of our irrigation drip system has virtually stopped. Also there are no longer any salt rings around the plants and drips. I was about to program a drip salt flush program‎ when I realized that thanks to the Biofeed products I am injecting – I didn’t need to. No signs of salt buildup. I also was able to retain my winter grass through most of May despite the high heat. Also because your fertilizers have no sediment my injector tanks never get clogged and the property looks great! Thank you for these great products.