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How does Biofeed improve soil and crop fertility?

Category: How do Biofeed products improve the soil?

Biofeed contains plant nutrients in a proprietary blend of 100% soluble organic molecules which we call; Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT). Plants which generally contain up to 40% carbon, absorb it from the atmosphere through the leaves in the form of carbon dioxide, but they also absorb carbon compounds through the roots that is released by soil microbes as they decompose organic matters. Biofeed products increase the rate of conversion of decaying plant matter to carbon-rich compounds called humus, which aids in retaining plant nutrients in an exchangeable form. Humus is the dark component found in healthy soils and serves as a long-term source of energy for essential soil microorganisms. Without carbon in the soil, the biological food web is deficient and plant life suffers. Biofeed products with ACT® works along with soil nutrients

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