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Water Conservation Supporting Fertilizer

Water Conservation Supporting Fertilizer is at the top of a long list of concerns for our current and future clients: commercial farmers, professional landscapers, and turf managers. How the Earth’s ecosystem distributes water changes over time, seasons, and climates. All throughout the news we are seeing drought watch, water shortage, water restrictions, water rights, and conservation notices. Biofeed® is, and has, been helping.

Every Living Organism Needs Water

  • 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered
  • 60% of the human body is water
  • 85% of the human brain is water
  • A plant can be up to 95% water

Biofeed® Products Have Supported Water Conservation Since 1986

Biofeed® products contain natural agents which neutralize and combine with harmful salt to break it down to less toxic ions. The salt toxicity reduces as it becomes easier for salt to leach away from the root-zone. The removal of excess salt loosens the soil structure to allow better movement of water. An aerated soil structure reduces water usage in several ways while also creating vigorous, more beautiful crops, plants, and turf. Using Biofeed® fertilizers and soil conditioners helps water penetrate to the root zone, helping to conserve water, and cut watering costs.

  • Reduce water pooling and runoff. Either of these is a sign your soil is not absorbing water as it should. Irrigation water that does not penetrate the soil surface is wasted.
  • Increase water holding capacity. The deeper water penetrates the less likely it is to evaporate away. Efficient soil water holding capacity reduces how much and how often you irrigate.
  • Root Length and Root Density. Water is taken into plants through the leaves and roots. A loosened soil crumb structure allows for deeper root growth in addition to increased root density. This means the roots have more surface area through which to absorb water. Less water is needed as it becomes easier for the plant to acquire the water it needs.

ACT® Base Additive

Every Biofeed® product contains our base additive, Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT). The water-conserving properties of our products are proven through third-party lab analysis, field studies, and client testimonials.

Testimonial From a Dedicated Biofeed® Client

“Here at Morrison Ranch, we’re dealing with a lot of clay loam. Compaction is an issue. Dan and I had a good talk. We started to experiment. Next thing we knew we [MMM Landscape] were using his product [Biofeed® Soil-Plus® at the rate of two quarts per acre and 3-ounces of TRACE™ per acre] once each month, pretty much exclusively for any soil building health. 

Today, Morrison Ranch, at 3,000 acres, uses less water per acre than any other property in the State of Arizona. I tell everyone about Biofeed® products and I believe everyone should be using them!”

Mick Williamson, President
MMM Landscape
Gilbert, AZ

Morrison Ranch

Soil-Plus Soil ConditionerSOIL-PLUS® 7-0-0 | Soil Conditioner & Plant Fertilizer

  • Soil conditioner to soften and build crumb structure in the soil
  • Promotes aerobic biological activity, helping the soil to breathe
  • Promotes root cellular elongation
  • Helps dissolve minerals in the soil to improve water infiltration
  • Improves water penetration and retention in the soil
  • Helps releases nutrients locked up in the soil
  • Neutralizes a variety of salts allowing them to flow freely
  • Helps improve heat and drought tolerance
  • Supports plant cell division, resulting in greener plants

Trace Molybdenum SupplementTRACE | Molybdenum Supplement

  • Supports nitrogen metabolism
  • Provides a key element for symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria in legumes
  • Provides a key element in the conversion of inorganic phosphorus into organic forms in the plant
  • Helps reduce plant disease occurrence
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula
  • Use year-around



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