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Reduce plant loss and save labor with automatic fertigation. With a small capital investment, application of Biofeed® is done each time you irrigate so there is no manual application expense or effort. Perhaps the strongest factor in plant loss is the availability of nutrients in the soil. Like people, plants need a variety of nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. Plants take in their nutrients from the roots in the soil and to process photosynthesis correctly.

These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, and sulfur, though plants may need other nutrients to maintain vigorous plant growth. The nutrients are absorbed from the soil through the roots.



It can be easy to determine if your plants have a nutrient deficiency. Unhealthy plants typically have leaves that are discolored, misshapen, or produce small fruits or flowers.

Nutrient excess can also be harmful to your plants. With too much available of a single nutrient element, other vital nutrients may be blocked or not taken in, causing deficiencies, decreased disease tolerance, loss of fruits or flowers and plant death.


Leaching is common cause of nutrient loss, particularly with Nitrogen. Leaching is the loss of water-soluble nutrients in soil and occurs when there are excess rains and irrigation. This happens because the soil cannot process excess nitrogen.

Nutrients are not taken up into the plant roots are washed away, or “leached” into the ground water, having adverse effects on aquatic life and on oxygen levels in the air through evaporation.


Biofeed Solutions has a wide variety of fertilizers and when applied through our BioFeeder™ automatic fertilizer injectors they help you maintain proper nutrient levels to curb nutrient deficiency and plant loss problems and promote healthier plant growth.


Acti-Cell Technology ACTAll of our products contain our proprietary Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT), a rich source of 100% soluble organic molecules that mimic nature’s nutrient delivery system. ACT contains a powerful combination of hydrolyzed plant proteins, natural enzymes, intracellular extracts, complex organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and nutrient elements which work to strengthen both plant and biological cell growth. ACT also contains multivalent compounds which buffer sodium toxicity while chelating and solubilizing locked up soil nutrients. This improves uptake of nutrients by plant roots and nutrient absorption during foliar applications.

ACT also blocks the growth of disease-causing anaerobic bacteria such as e-coli and clostridium sp. which may infect the root-zone and contribute to black-layer in golf course soils where it can destroy delicate plant roots.

Biofeed fertilizers, with ACT are highly resistant to nutrient loss and leaching, leading to greener turf, bigger blooms, and more resilient plants.


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