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Make MORE Hay While the Sun Shines!

In the Southwestern USA we have plenty of sunshine. So, to turn plentiful sunshine into an even greater advantage would be truly wise. Arizona – Biofeed’s home state – has the highest yields of hay compared to other US states. However, Arizona hay farms are not without their challenges such as:

  • Compacted soil, high in salt (Southwestern USA)
  • Growing hay on less land (urban growth)
  • Keeping water consumption at a minimum (cost and farm water budget)
  • Increase crop yield (supply demands)
  • Covering operational cost and meeting profit goals (any business worldwide)

Hay is an important feed source for ruminant animals (cows, goats, and sheep). Every cutting matters since hay is usually cut multiple times a year. So, to increase yield per cutting is multiplied by the number of yearly cuttings.

A local Arizona farmer was seeing less alfalfa yield year-after-year. He had ideas on what to try next (such as deep tilling) but decided to check with Biofeed first. Biofeed® performed a free consult and survey to determine the problem was excess soil salt. Accumulated soil salt and mineral salt from previous irrigation cycles was stunting alfalfa growth and reducing bale yields.

Biofeed® applied Soil-Plus® at the rate of 1 (one) US gallon per acre to reduce the salts. Soil-Plus® was applied through the irrigation canal. A 10-gallon tank – with adjustable valve – dripped the product into the canal during irrigation.

The following is an example of application rates using drip tank application. For hay, apply SOIL-PLUS® at the rate of 2-4 quarts.

Soil-Plus Soil ConditionerSOIL-PLUS® is a soil builder and crop fertilizer which delivers a powerful combination of nutrients to strengthen crop growth and promote aerobic microbial activity below ground.

  • Soil conditioner to soften and build crumb structure in the soil
  • Promotes root cellular elongation
  • Helps dissolve salts and minerals in the soil to improve water infiltration
  • Improves water penetration and water retention in the soil
  • Boosts seed germination

Learn more here: SOIL-PLUS® 7-0-0 | Soil Conditioner & Plant Fertilizer

Richie Kennedy Alfalfa Farmer Testimonial

“I noticed the south two borders [of the alfalfa field] definitely had some issues mainly at the bottom end. And it’s not a water issue. Dan got a hold of me and said let’s do a little trial. We did one trial with his product [Biofeed® SOIL-PLUS®] and we came up to 31 bales [in the test area vs. 24 previously]. It’s a noticeable difference on bottom of the field – there is no doubt.”


Richie Kennedy, Owner
Double H Crop Farms
Casa Grand, AZ
In the end, hay should be green, leafy, and smell good. And there should be plenty of it! I can testify to this. The alfalfa field in this blog and field study is right across the street from our facilities. I was born and raised in Glendale, AZ. I grew up with farm fields all around me. I feel a little joy taking a big breath in of freshly cut alfalfa. I hope the animals eating it find it extra delicious. It is hay made the Biofeed® way!
Read our field study Application of SOIL-PLUS® Increases Alfalfa Bale-Yields to get the whole story.

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