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Our Origin

By 1984 Dan Lee already had several years of experience as a landscaper. Dan was aware of the use of chemical soil care products. For many years, he engaged in deep, self-study of soil chemistry, biology, biochemistry and metallurgy to discover the natural means by which nutrients are dissolved and released to supply energy to hungry plant roots thereby turning soils that are otherwise lifeless to useful and productive.

To do this study, Dan sought the information he needed from local bookstores and libraries. He carefully took time to teach himself the meaning of various scientific terms to understand the basics of what constitutes true biological and biochemical soil fertility and how to unite these concepts into one concentrated formulation. His respect for the environment and natural design ran counter to using chemicals although he realized that some chemicals have a definite place. He held a deep belief there had to be a better way to grow crops, green grass, and healthy plants than by throwing chemicals on the ground. He loved what he was learning, and he began putting what he learned into practice.

By 1986 at age 27, Dan had spent several years formulating a liquid solution to deal with alkaline soil which is dense and hardened by calcium, resists deep-water absorption due to high-salinity, lacking available nutrients and is usually low in organic matter. These southwestern realities all make healthy plant growth hard to achieve. What better place on the Earth to develop solutions? As a result of his study, innovation and field-testing he created what is known today as Biofeed’s proprietary Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT).

As of 2021, Biofeed has formulated, manufactured and distributed over 50 liquid fertilizer, environmental and specialty products which repair the earth’s soil and water. All Biofeed products employ our key ingredient, ACT®. We have grown from humble beginnings when Biofeed’s first “formula” was produced in a small garage, to today’s high-capacity manufacturing facility located in Glendale, AZ in the USA.

Biofeed Solutions Inc. holds to its original goal of discovering innovative technologies and developing these into beneficial products that restore and protect the Earth’s precious environment.

For over 34 years, Dan Lee has continued to study biology, chemistry, and bio-technical applications to understand how the earth’s ecosystems co-exist to support life. All this goes into the continued refinement of existing – and the creation of new – Biofeed liquid products.

Our Driving Principle

Biofeed Solutions Inc. is dedicated to preserving our environment by creating and promoting the use of enzyme-based liquid fertilizer products which renew life into the Earth’s soils and water.

Our Values

  • Build relationships with those whose hearts and minds care to protect the Earth’s delicate ecosystems.
  • Produce innovative, enzyme-based products.
  • Educate our distributors and clients of the benefits of Biofeed products.
  • Conduct honest, ethical business practices that protect Biofeed’s reputation and relationships.
Biofeed Company Profile

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We strive in every way to provide products and technologies that work in harmony with that which was brought about by our Designer and Creator. For it can be no incidental evolutionary mistake that we exist and that the entire world exists to support human life with our amazing ability to think, reason and love. Therefore to His honor, let us use our powers of understanding to do all things for God’s glory and praise for all that He has created. For it is by His will that all things exist. – Revelation 4:11