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Soil Regeneration

Imagine Dan’s delight to watch the documentary, Kiss the Ground®, and have his vision confirmed. Since 1986, our President and Founder, Daniel Lee has engaged in deep, self-study of soil chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and metallurgy to discover the natural means by which nutrients are dissolved and released to supply energy to hungry plant roots thereby turning soils – that are otherwise lifeless – to useful and productive.

Soil Regeneration

Soil fertility is essential whether you are planting trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens, or turf. And even more important for food-producing crops, orchards, and gardens. We are encouraged that soil regeneration is getting the awareness it deserves. And we are pleased Biofeed® products completely support soil fertility. Read about some of the key benefits of our products below.

Balanced Nutrition

Soil RegenerationBiofeed® fertilizers blend nutrients with our exclusive Acti-Cell Technology® ACT to feed agriculture, landscape and professional turf plants. Providing proper plant nutrition and balanced soil care is the key to growing high-yield crops, award-winning landscapes, and professional turf.

Release of Locked-Up Soil Nutrients

Soil RegenerationBiofeed® ACT® acts as a chelating agent to dissolve minerals and nutrients that are locked up and unavailable to hungry roots. ACT remains active long after application to improve the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

Stimulated, Beneficial Aerobic Microbes

Soil RegenerationSoil that is teaming with aerobic microbial activity supports stronger roots, plant, tree and turf growth. This also helps to keep disease causing factors in check, and reduces the occurrence of black layer, which is toxic to delicate plant roots.

Released Oxygen Into the Soil and Water

Soil RegenerationBiofeed® fertilizers contain H2O Dehydrogenase (HDH). HDH is an enzyme that has the unique ability to cleave, or split, the water molecule. When HDH splits the water molecule, oxygen is released into the soil which support the growth of aerobic microbes in both soil and water systems.

Buffered Sodium Salt

Biofeed® fertilizers buffer harmful sodium, allowing it to leach out of the soil. Its unique chelation action removes calcium and other mineral salt residues that clog drip emitters and sprinkler systems.

Improved Chlorophyll Production

Biofeed® fertilizers increase chlorophyll production resulting in more conversion of light into energy for leaf maturation, stem growth and root growth. Chlorophyll creates the dense, deep green leaf color of healthy plants, trees, and turf.

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Kiss the Ground is an educational documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson and directed by Rebecca and Josh Tickell. KISS THE GROUND is a trademark of Kiss the Ground.